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Arcedo Systems

Solar Services

Solar Services

a) Ground Mounted & Rooftop Solar power systems

Grid-tied system is enabled by an integration of solar power system with grid. This is to ensure that energy generated is utilized properly and efficiently along with better energy management through net metering.


Grid-tie system can sell power to the grid and also buy back from it when needed. This will achieve better returns and utilization of the available resources.

System Models:

  • Ground Mounted Solar Power system
  • Rooftop solar System
  • Floating Solar System
  • Solar Carport System


  • Economic- Improved efficiency and long-term predictable energy cost
  • Resiliency- Field-proven reliability improvement over grid-only interconnections
  • Environmental – Reduction in harmful emissions resulting from optimal use of renewable resources and energy efficiency programs.


Upfront investment by client Investment by a 3rd Party or an EPC company
No Power Purchase agreement (PPA) Power Purchase Agreement signed for years
Operation & Maintenance has to be taken care by the company Operation & Maintenance will be taken care by the 3rd party
Initial investment costlier Paid only for the energy supplied to the client for years

Arcedo systems is backed by investors so it can do solar projects in OPEX projects also for better rated clients.

b) Solar for fuel Pump stations


Specially designed for rural and urban areas where no grid availability or for centres to obtain monetary and environmental benefits.Solar Power systems will be installed over the pump rooftop or nearby pump rooftop. The generated energy will be utilized by the pump station.


  • Continuous Supply during solar availability
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Long-term solution
  • Pollution free
  • Grid Independence

c) Solar Carport Solutions


What is a solar panel carport?

Solar Carports are shaders with Solar panels mounted on top of it’s customized roof. This ensures that parking land space is properly utilized. This also covers the vehicles from sunlight being parked underneath it. This can be installed at an optimal angle over the carport roof to maximize the total benefit. Even vehicles parked under the shade can be charged with the generated power through a battery storage system and a charger unit.

Selection of location of systems will be made and accordingly installation will happen.