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Why Solar


Why Solar

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Better ROI (Rate of Investment)
Solar Power system rates are decreasing day by day – they are one of the choices where investors or people looking forward to investing in to get better returns. The rate of return varies from between 7 to 8 years and further on to get better returns in the order of about 20%.
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A steady rate for a longer period
Electricity bill rates increases every year without any control due to limited availability of fossil fuels. Over years bills had risen over at least 3% annually. By purchasing or investing in solar these bills and fluctuation can be reduced. Over time, a fixed rate means a lot is saved over a longer period.
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Higher property value
The overall value of a property increases when solar power systems are implemented.
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Energy independence completely
A household or business can completely become independent of grid when a proper solar solution is implemented which practically it like off the grid though they may be connected to the grid.
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Environmental value
Earth’s temperature increases day by day due to higher usage of fossil fuels and economic development activities. Though every country pushes forward itself to achieve this the issue is they are either clearing trees and plants. A typical solar panel system installed in a residential area can be replace a few tons of carbon being produced due to this activity.
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Sustainability is the way forward
It is every citizen’s responsibility to promote sustainability. Understanding the global warming effects like sudden floods, harsh winter, higher pollution and smog during winter are all problems which was created by human beings. All this have to be tackled in an aggressive and sustainable way. For this, one solution is to move forward towards solar power where power is generated from sun.


Upfront investment by client Investment by a 3rd Party or an EPC company
No Power Purchase agreement (PPA) Power Purchase Agreement signed for years
Operation & Maintenance has to be taken care by the company Operation & Maintenance will be taken care by the 3rd party
Initial investment costlier Paid only for the energy supplied to the client for years